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I got a new machine for my craft room

I’m so excited about my new machine for my craft room. Today I’m sharing a video of my new embroidery machine. As I’ve mentioned in a few other videos I’ve been branching out from just card making and playing with other types of DIY and craft projects. Card videos will be coming back soon, right now I’ve just been enjoying the creative process.

I’ve already figured out how to make my logo for a sweatshirt and I’ve played with appliqué. Its a lot of fun.

Here are some the tools mentioned in todays video:
✂️Embroidery Machine Supplies✂️
Baby Lock Flare:
Thread I’m liking so far:
Pre-wound Bobbins:
Embroidery Scissors:
StayPerfect Sew N’ Wash:
StayPerfect Tearaway:
StayPerfect Cut Away:

Stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

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