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LinkUp Party #2 RoundUp

Hi Everyone,
Before we announce the selection for this week’s Link Party, I just want to say how much I’m enjoying seeing your projects. I noticed you are visiting the blogs and leaving comments on each other’s posts. You are doing just what I hoped these parties would do; give us a reason to make something fun, motivate each other, and (my favorite) create a way for us all to connect. I truly love that we’re all getting to know each other. In the next week or two I’m going to setup a Facebook group just for our Linkup Parties group. Stay tuned.

I loved all the projects posted for Make Motivate Connect. I knew this week was going to be a real challenge, and you all did great.

I’m finding it really hard to pick one as my favorite for the week. UGH! I don’t like this part of the party! So here it goes:
Charlene from SouthJerseyGirl Blog. She’s been a long-time follower of my blog and I love how she incorporated the colors. Thanks Char for sharing you fabulous card.

Visit Charlene’s blog at SouthJerseyGirl

I’ve added Charlene’s card to our Pinterest Board.

Thanks again for participating and I can’t wait to see what you do for tomorrow’s challenge.

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