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Make~Motivate~Connect! Coming Tomorrow

Hi Everyone, 

I’m really excited to announce a new series on my blog called Make~Motivate~Connect! A place for us to Make stuff, Motivate each other, and Connect!

What will we be doing? We’ll be posting a new topic every Monday for you to complete. You’ll have until Friday evening to post and link your completed challenge here on this blog. Every Sunday I’ll be posting my favorites for the week. This will include a link to your blog, and your project posted in a Pinterest Board specifically for the Make~Motivate~Connect series.

What is Make~Motivate~Connect?

What are the Guidelines?

Creations With Christina

Creations With Christina

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

Here are instructions for connecting your photo:
Post on you blog or Instagram account your photo for the week.
On the post here on my blog for that week’s challenge, link your photo using the linkup party link!
It looks like this….

Connect your photo by clicking on the Add Link button.

From your blog add the URL for the blog post that contains the photo. It will automatically fill in the caption using your blog post title. Then, add your email:
If you have more than one photo on your blog post, it will ask you to select the photo you wish to use as your thumbnail. 
Once you’ve selected your photos, accept terms/conditions and click save.
That’s it. You’re photo/blog is now connected. 
See you back here tomorrow for our first Make~Motivate~Connect post. 
Hope you will join me. 

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