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Hello Hello Hello! Craft Room/Office redo?

Hi everyone,
I know it’s been ages and I’m so sorry to be gone for so long. Life just got really busy and I haven’t been motivated to craft at all. I’ve done a project here and there but nothing super-exciting.

 I’ve decided I just really need to purge and reorganize and get my craft space the way I want it. I have all these DIY ideas I want to try out and share, but my space is just a mess. It got really bad over the winter months and honestly I haven’t really been in my room except for a few projects I did for friends. Maybe a redo of the space will get me motivated again.

 Do you want to follow the journey of redoing my space with me? I can’t promise I will video record the whole thing as most times it is just picking things up and sorting, which isn’t super entertaining, but I do promise to post updates here on my blog. I’ll do a video or two when I get to more exciting things.

I’ve started to sort out and even move out some pieces of furniture. I will tell you, as much as I love the Target version of the Kalax units. I’m not a big fan of how they hold supplies. Sometimes you just need small drawers to make separating and storage more easy to access. The big 13″ cubes sometimes are too much.
If you didn’t see the last video I did on my space. You can see it here: Video Tour
Here are a few photos of what I’ve done so far. I cleaned off my desk and emptied the drawers as well as emptied out a cubby section that had some sewing supplies along with vinyl and scrapbooks. 

 This sections I haven’t touched yet, but was hoping you all had some inspiration for this area. I think I over crowded it with too much furniture around my bookcase.

Scott went and got me a ton a boxes to help sort out what I’m going to keep in my room and what I’m going to store in the storage area.

This corner had my Kallax unit…it’s now empty and being used as a staging area for sorting.

That’s all I have for right now. I hope you enjoy my journey as I get back into crafting and sharing again.
Love to all and a huge thank you for checking in to see how I was doing.

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