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Project Life 2013: Organization

Hi All,
Happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend 🙂
Today I wanted to show you how I organized my Project Life 2013 supplies.
I really shouldn’t say it’s for Project Life strictly, it’s more of just craft room organization.
Watch Below | Watch on You Tube


At the beginning of the year I moved all my supplies into my Alex drawer from Ikea because I was planning on doing a very simple version of Project Life this year….Yeah I’ve gone crazy with it again. I do have to say it is very simple this year and seems to be coming together much easier than last year. Not as time consuming that’s for sure. My mom had me pick one of these carts up for her craft room and she raved about them, so I decided I should give one a try. They are so good I bought two. You can find them at Walmart for only $17 which is pretty cheap considering I’ve seen them for much more than that. They also come in a frosted white drawer and a bright pink.

Thats all for today 🙂 Have a great day

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