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CWC 1/16/13 What's in a Project Life Kit

Hi Everyone,
We have a little snow this morning 🙂 About 3″ and maybe another 2″ to come 🙂 hehe I do love the snow, hate going out in it, but I love watching it come down.
Thought I would share a video of what comes in the Olive Edition of Project Life. If you are not familiar with Project Life check out Becky Higgins site and THIS video.
I really won’t be sharing much of my 2013 album here on my blog but if you want to see what I’m doing you can follow me on Instagram at Followgram.
Here is a video of the Olive Edition of Project Life
Watch below | Watch on You Tube

Thats all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with a few pictures of my PL setup and the title page to my album. 

Have a great day 🙂 
Hugs and happy crafting, 

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