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Rosette Christmas Tree

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday 🙂
Today I’m sharing with you a Christmas tree made out of rosettes. If you are not familiar with making rosettes check out my video HERE.

Mom told me about this tree she made and I got to see if yesterday. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one. She found the instructions through the Gentleman Crafters blog and he made one using THESE instructions from Archivers. I had a blast making this last night.
There are two things I would do differently. There are three layers on the bottom the same size. I would make the third layer a 1/4″ smaller so that it doesn’t look like the tree has a step up. I would probably do that with all the layers that are the same size and I would also ink the edges. I still want to add a little glitter to look like snow and I’m thinking this would be fun to use a punched edge with too.
After making this last night I know one thing….I need a new hot glue gun…if you all have any recommendations please share…I have the worst gun there is, my finger was so sore last night having to squeeze the trigger so hard to get the glue to come out…I certainly need a new one.

Here are a few pictures of my finished tree.

For the top I added a small rosette like the instructions said but I think I need to add a little something to that too.

I used a little cork topper for a jar I have as the tree base but it’s too small. I need to get a paper mache box for the base and cover it with paper.

This is a great project as a way to use up some old Christmas paper you have around. I’m going to make a few more. One for my desk at work for sure. Hope you all have a great weekend.
Hugs and happy crafting,

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