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Project Life 2012 (weeks 21-22)

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July? We celebrated with a trip to the lake Sunday/Monday and yesterday we just had a very nice family day home. Last night we sat on the front porch and watched the fireworks across the valley. It was so nice and relaxing.
Yesterday I had this plan of getting caught up to week 25 of Project Life (PL) and only ended up getting one week closer. I usually just print 4×6 or 3×4 photos and this time I went with smaller photos and more decorating. It took me what seemed like the whole day to get one week done. I decided that is waaaayyyy to much time spent and the photos and journaling to me are no longer the focal point of the week. So I’m going back to my regular documenting and as matter of fact I’m going to try and keep it even less detailed than I did before.  
Speaking of Project Life….
I have a Project Life video for you today.
Watch below | Watch on You Tube

Becky Higgins updated her blog with the latest info on the releases coming this month. CLICK HERE to see the release info.
Off to work I go. Have a great day and see you back here tomorrow.
Hugs and happy crafting

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