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Project Life 2012 (setup)

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had a few requests to share how I’m organizing/setting up my project life area.

My friend Teri is the one who got me started working on Project Life and I’m loving it. She has some videos sharing her setup and a few of her layouts. You can check her out HERE.

I started off with the Clementine collection and then saw the Cobalt collection and I couldn’t resist. They really work well together and I can play with lighter colors when I’m feeling it, or darker, or both 🙂

Watch Below | Watch on You Tube


If you’re not familiar with Project Life, it’s a great way to document your everyday life as well as scrapbooking. For more information check out Becky Higgin’s site HERE.
I first heard about Project Life last year and I didn’t think it was something I wanted to do. It looked too time consuming and like too much work. I’m not finding that at all 🙂 I’m loving it…
Well off to work I go…
Have a great day.
Love and hugs,

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