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Pattern paper organization

Hi Everyone
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a laid back kind of weekend…Every weekend I’ve been working on organizing something in my craft room and making things flow a little better. Saturday I spent a little time working in my room and Sunday after a nice family day with Scott and Ethan I went to the movies with my sister and aunt. Since I didn’t really have anything planned for a video today I thought I would share what this weekend’s organizing project was.

Last weekend when I started working on my layout of Ethan and his cousins I had the worst time trying to find papers. I would pull out collection after collection and ended up with all of them out on the floor, on my desk, just everywhere. So I thought about it during the week on how best I can make that process a little easier.
Here’s what it looked like before I started the organizing
I had all my papers bundled together by company, then collection

I decided having them bundled like this wasn’t working for me. I started taking them out of the packages and using a tip I got from Nichol Magourick I’m going through them and putting the patterns I like the best face out so I can see them. I only got through three companies so far.

Of course doing this I found all these great sticker sheets, alphabets, and journaling cards. I think next weekend I’ll be looking at my embellishments.

I’m also going to start doing Project Life. I was talking to Teri and she gave me that little push I needed to start it. I ordered the kit and it came this past week. I know I’m a a couple weeks late starting, but I’m OK with that.  I was telling my mom about it and she’s going to do it too. I decided daily was way to much for me, so I’m going to do it weekly. Since I missed the first couple weeks I’m going to do a week1-4 page and just document some of the things we did in that time. Then start full this week.
If you’re not familiar with Project Life you can find info on it HERE.

I hope you all have a great day.
Hugs and happy crafting,

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