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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to give you a little heads up. I’m going to be doing some cleaning up on my blog and You Tube channel over the next week or so.

You may notice my YouTube video #’s go down, I’m just cleaning up some old stuff…like giveaways, kits I was selling etc.

On my blog you’ll see some stuff rearranged and stuff added (lol I don’t know what stuff I’m adding, but thought I would toss that in there). Hopefully I’ll be making it easier for you to find videos and tutorials.

For all my new visitors…Join my site (it’s the little button on the right)…Some of my long time followers will tell you, every 1000 subscribers I do a “My favorite things” giveaway and I share a few of my favorite craft supplies that I’ve been playing with recently…We’re only 150 subscribers away from another giveaway….

Hugs to all and pardon my dust…

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