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Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (Episode #4)

Good Morning Everyone,

First I wanted to give you an update on my sister. It was just our luck that yesterday morning we got hit with an ice storm. Our 1 hour drive to Jaime’s surgery took 2 hours. The surgery scheduled before my sisters was cancelled so when we got there she signed in and was off to surgery. We called down to the hospital this morning and she is doing well and has already asked the nurses to remind us to bring her an iced coffee. (for those that know my sister she always has an iced coffee in hand). We are going to have to wait a few days for some tests to be run and know what the next step is.  We will be heading down this morning to be with her today and hope that she is coming home today as well. Thank you so much for all your emails, comments, and prayers. Many of you asked and I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you yet about sending her cards. Here is my sisters mailing address.

Jaime Horn 
959 Wheeler Ave
Scranton, Pa 18510

Thank you so much everyone :0)

Here is a little gift bag that I made for my sister using Tags Bags Boxes and more. I’m going to stuff an Itunes card in there for her and then buy some other little goodies. Scott, Ethan and I will take it to her when she is home and relaxing….

I will try and get one more video for this series using the Gypsy…

A few of you who just received your Gypsy have been having troubles synching the free cartridges. Here’s a tip. Use the Cricut Synch software to update your Gypsy. Click HERE for the Synch software…

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Have a great day.

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