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MS Punch Around The Page

Happy Monday everyone….
WOW it’s Thanksgiving week already…We decorated the outside of the house over the weekend. Once it got dark out, like the Griswald’s we were out in the front yard admiring our work. The only difference was the lights worked when Scott plugged them in and my aunt didn’t come over with a cat wrapped up as a jello dish (or was it a present?)…Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies to watch this time of year. It’s one of those movies that when your flipping through the channels and come across you stop and watch it….enough of my rambling….

I figured if I did a video on how to use the Punch All Over the Page punches, I should probably do one for the Punch Around the Page punches. (Note: The dimensions for the large punch around the page punches are different…video to come on that later this week or next….Thanks Bridgette for the reminder, totally forgot about the large punch). 
Here is a video showing the different sizes you can punch with your punches….Enjoy

Have a great Monday….

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