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OK Who Took It? and a video

OK Who took my mojo? Really It’s missing in action…..

My crafting mojo might be temporarily misplaced, but I found my cleaning mojo. Yesterday when I got home from work, I totally ripped everything out of my craftroom closet and I do mean everything. I even took out the little shelves that where attached to the wall.
I wonder why I kept so much unusable junk in there?

Here’s what it looked like after I emptied it. The shelves on the right are now out and the case on the left is gone. Hanging on the wall is one of two clear shoe bag organizer filled with punches.

What I did was moved all of my Jetmax cubes into the closet and only kept out the paper cubes. I still have lots of organizing and sorting to do. Had a lot of you ask to post pic’s of my Ikea desk.  I’ll share it all when I’m done. 
For something else to share. Here is a video I did for I just never got it loaded to my YouTube channel. Enjoy…
Thanks everyone who suggested to turn my paper storage cubes sideways. It worked perfectly. 
Have a great Wednesday and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Cricut video (if I can find my desk to film)…

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