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Monday Mojo~Update?

Ummmm. I think I may have misplaced my mojo this past weekend. Yesterday I walked into my craft room, out of my craft room, back into my craft room, sat at my desk, fiddled with paper hoping that would spark something and nothing, nada, zero….

So today is going to be just an update….
Yesterday I made available a little scrappy kit for a mini tag book. I only made a few just to see how it would go. I will be offering more kits in the future.

Saturday Scott and I took Ethan to Penn’s Cave in State College, Pa. We had a blast…The tour of the cave was amazing. It was a hour boat ride through the cave and out onto the lake. Here is a picture of the inside of the cave

and this is as we where leaving the cave and going out onto the water. The water is green from the minerals of the cave….

After the boat ride through the cave we went to the cafe for lunch, walked around the gift shop for a bit and then went on a 1-1/2 hour Wild Life Tour. Here are a few pictures of that tour…

They had this most beautiful butterfly garden….

Ethan was excited about seeing a bobcat. Isn’t she the cutest thing, I would have taken her home….

Have a great Monday…Tomorrow we’re talking ribbon storage for Tuesdays tips….

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