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Ribbon Storage

So this has been one of my biggest storage problem areas and I’ve tried it all…From wrapping them on clothespins to keeping them on the rolls. Finally I think I have it…A while back I posted a picture of my ribbons storage. This is just a revised version of what I was doing before….

Now I use those awesome 3M removable hooks (I love love love 3M hooks). I have 4 hooks on my door with most of my ribbon sorted by color.

each color is on one of these large 2″ binder rings (Staples). The ribbon is clipped with a binder clip and the tagged with the color and company name…I like to tag my Paper Trey Ink ribbon. 

So that was just my satin and stitched ribbon…
I have the same method for my laces, but they hang from my window curtain…Lace…Pretty…

of course you have to have one on the other side of the window to keep the rod balanced. 
This is my fun trim..
Yep there still is a whole drawer of ribbon and I won’t even show you the box that still has ribbon on clothespins….

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