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Ikea is amazing

Oh my goodness, yesterday was so much fun…Ikea is huge…I had no idea what to expect and by the time we left the King of Prussia mall we all just was ready to collapse, but we made it through Ikea. My poor son will probably run in the other direction if I ever mention another trip to Philadelphia. Now that I’m thinking of it, Scott probably will to.

Look what I got for my craft room. I’ve been wanting one of these for a very very very long time. This desk is amazing :0) I just had to set it up last night….around 10pm I thought to myself. What the heck are you doing? GO TO BED! I was totally wiped out.

I also picked up lots of other little things for my room, so I really have lots of organizing to get done. I love to organize my craft room. The rest of the house. Forget it…lol

Have a great Thursday and hopefully I’ll get this room organized so I can work on a project or two before my vacation is over….

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