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Swingin’ on Vine

Hi All,
I don’t normally share personal photos on my blog, but last night we had such a great time….
We had a fundraiser for the library….Our beautiful building is located on Vine Street, so we where. …”Swingin’ on Vine” last night…

Here are a few photos…

The building in the background is our beautiful 115 (plus) year old library. You should see the inside, the wood, stain glass and marble are just magnificent.

Here is a shot from the steps of the library…

This one is just a random shot of the crowd…

Here’s one of me and my sis….

Here is the best part….Brian (AKA Kevin) from the office made a guest appearance. This is me, Brian, and our children’s librarian Laureen. 
Can you tell when I have control of the camera? The picture of me and “Kevin” was taken by my sister. She is not a very good photographer….
Here is “Kevin” and officer Nick….”Kevin” hung out at the bar for some time. Shaking hands, signing autographs, and taking pictures with use crazy fans….Officer Nick….lol used to work at the library as a high school student…He still looks like one….
This is a random picture of me when I was coming off the stage announcing the winners of the raffle. I didn’t announce I played the part of Vanna White. lol
What a great time….a lot of work to prepare, but worth it in the end…..

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