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Just Because Cards Video Series: The Basics

Happy Monday..

Today starts a new video series. “Just Because” Cards Cricut Cartridge..Here is a video on the basics to get you started….
Just a few things to note on the series…
1. As I was working with the cartridge I found that not all of the envelopes work with the cards like it says in the manual. So I made a file that you can download and use as a guide….
Just Because Guide
Please note this file is just at it’s beginning stages and will probably need to be updated as we go through the series….
2. The first video in the series will take you step-by-step on how to cut your images on the Cricut all the way through assembly…90% of the videos following will only be assembly (I may toss in one or two step-by-steps as we go)

3. There will be one video (Episode #3) showing how to use the “Just Because” Cards using your Gypsy.

4. If you have any questions please email me ( I thought it would be helpful to everyone if we created a separate post with “FAQ’s” on this cartridge. You can also follow along on Facebook HERE

5. I will be adding a link to each post so you can share your creations on the project we are working on that day. It’s just for fun and I hope you will join us…

I think I covered everything….

Have a great day….and tune in tomorrow for Episode #1 in the JBC series….
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