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Craft Room Update 3/12/10

11:30am Update….It’s painted…I would take a picture, but I misplaced the camera in the move. I had it this morning but I can’t find it now.

4:30pm Went shopping and picked up two bookcases. I finished assembling the smaller case, just waiting for Scott to bring the other one in from the car. 

4:40pm Found the camera….


9:15pm update….Boy am I tired….The 2nd bookcase it put together and placed in it’s new area. My workspace it installed, computer is re-installed, and my ribbon organizer (aka tie rack) is up. Still have tons of organizing to do and more shelving to install. Working on the closet now. Tomorrow after work I’ll work more on organizing.

My room is empty. Holy Cow!

I started painting a little last night so I didn’t have so much to do today. As soon as Ethan is dropped off at school I’m home to paint.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I’ve been wanting to paint this room since the day I got full custody. I used to only have a corner then I tossed my dear hubby out. Don’t worry he works at the dining room table now! LOL

Have a great Friday! and more updates tomorrow or tonight.

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