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Craft Room Update 3/11/10

Hi All,
Here is an update on my room. Ethan and I went to Lowes last night and picked out the paint. When I told him I was going to paint my room green he decided he wanted to go shopping with me. His favorite color is green and I think he wanted to make sure I picked the right shade of green. LOL

You all know my favorite color is blue, but since I have blue carpet I didn’t want to paint the walls blue too. The color we picked is called Hazy Jade. It’s a really pretty shade of green. Can’t wait to start painting.

Here is what I got done last night…
I took out the black shelving and moved that into my sons room. He is thrilled because now he can display his Lego buildings and has places to put his Playmobil guys. He was so excited I even got him to dust the shelves.

I took down my Jetmax (or as my mom keeps calling them Inkjets or JetPacks) section and got the walls prepped for painting in these two sections.

I have to confess I have a love for the hammer and nails. Holy cow are there a lot of holes in my walls.

Here is what a picture of the section cleared…Isn’t that radiator pretty?

Can’t wait until tomorrow. Painting…..

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