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Craftroom re-do this weekend!


My schedule at work changed a little this week. A few longer days during the week and a few hours this weekend, but I’ll be off Friday and Monday! Scott will be at work, Ethan will be at school.

You know what that means….I can start my room re-do tonight……

I’m running to Lowes (or Home Depot) tonight and I’ll pick the paint and shelving. Then home to start boxing. Depending on what I get done tonight, tomorrow I will finish up the boxing and then start prepping the walls to be painted. Friday I will paint the room and then this weekend we’ll start hanging the shelving. Monday will be a day of un-boxing and setting my room

These are some older pictures of my room.

I’m on my lunch break now, so back to work I go. 
Hope you are all having a great Wednesday.
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