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Hi Everyone,

First let me say again….Thank you for all the emails, comments and messages. You are all so sweet and I’m glad you enjoyed the Wild Card Series. Now for what is to come….

I’ve been working on the Wild Card Series since August and the only reason I was able to get it done before the end of the year was I am on vacation from work. I really don’t think I can do an entire cartridge again (not even if Provo comes out with a Wild Card 2 LOL). However I will continue the Cartridge Series and here is how it will work….
I will be featuring a cartridge every two weeks. There will be 4-5 video per cartridge in that two week time period.
Episode # 1 will be an intro to the cartridge. I will go over the basics of the cartridge and the function keys.
Episode #2 I will focus on a project with one of the function keys. An example of this would be the card function on the Zooballo cartridge. The video will show you the basics of the function key and a project (in more detail than the Wild Card Series).
Episode #3 Will be a project from start to finish. It could be a card, home decor item, or any type of project.
Episode #4 Will be a scrapbook page. Remember I’m an 8×8 scrapper, but you can always make it your own.
Episode # 5 Will be used when needed.
You can also check my site throughout the two weeks for other projects completed with the featured cartridge. They will not be in video.
I am a mom, wife, and work full time, so right now I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep on days of the week that videos will be uploaded.
The Cartridge line up will be announced tomorrow.
Happy New Year!
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