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Hi-Just checkin’ in!

I miss you all. I’ve been so super busy the past few weeks getting ready for Christmas, shopping, wrapping presents, parties, working, and decorating.

GASP! I had to buy Christmas cards this year. I just simply don’t have enough time. Where did the time go? I’m gonna work really hard the next two nights after work to get the little stuff done and I hope this weekend I can spend some time crafting and making a few videos. My next video will be my 100th video 🙂
I thought it would be fun to share a few fun holiday memories with you and then you can share with us….
I remember the year my older brother changed all the clocks ahead 2 hours so we can get up early. He was in his 20’s….
Or the year my sister and I got our Cabbage Patch Kids. Oh what fun. My mom tried to fool us by giving us handmade dolls on Christmas Eve. We got the real ones Christmas morning. I think my brother got an Atari that year.
The year my sister got the Barbie Dream House (I was a little ticked)….or did my brother get the Atari this year?
My favorite memory was the last year I was living home for Christmas. Mom had stopped giving stockings for Christmas a few years before that. We even tricked her one year to give us a box of junk. LOL turned out to cost her much more than the stocking. It takes a lot to fill a box 🙂 We had just finished opening presents and my parents head to the kitchen to get coffee and breakfast started. She asked my sister and I to help and get something from the pantry. Needless to say we screamed like kids because there on the floor where stockings overflowing with goodies. Oh the memories.
So what is your favorite memory?
Hugs to all.
OK let’s here your favorite holiday memory….
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