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Yeah-It’s Friday.

Hi All,
I know I’ve been bad with updating my blog. I’ve been busy since we’ve gotten back from vacation.

Ethan loves working on the computer and at 7 he really does know more than I do. I can’t get that kid to read a story book for anything, but give him an instructional book on computers and you can’t get it out of his hands. Here’s what Ethan taught me last night on Photoshop Elements. I always love photo’s that have the edges feathered and this is one of my favorite photo’s of “E” at Epcot.

Anyway more about crafting….
Did you see the new device coming out from Provocraft that works with your Cricut? It’s called the Gypsy and Provo has made some great videos as promo’s for the device. Check them out here. They are keeping how it works a secret, but from what I did read it works with the Cricut as a handheld Design Studio and you can upload your cartridges to it. I can’t wait to see what it does. I’m sure I’ll be buying it.

Happy Crafting!

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