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Saturday Update

I don’t have a picture for you today. I got ahead at the beginning of the week and just haven’t had time to make anything new. I hope to get something done today.

In my never ending quest to get things organized in the scrap room I started unmounting my wooden stamps. Yes this includes my Stampin’ Up! stamps. I just simply don’t have the room to keep the clear containers. I have well over 60 sets of SU stamps and no room to keep them. My plan was to just unmount my retired stamps and since I only became a demonstrator in Aug that would only be 4 sets. That didn’t help make room. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Since Sunday last week I’ve gotten 30 sets unmounted and in CD cases. I’m saving the clear boxes to take a picture when I’m done so you can see just how much room I’ve saved. I was hesitant at first, but it really is going to work for me. I’m using EZ mount foam (recommended by Robyn) and it goes go a long way (30 sets and 5 sheets of EZ mount).

Thanks for stopping by.

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